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Introduced in early 2007, the Wii Key mod chip was quickly snapped up by gamers who are into modding their consoles.

The Wii Key 2 mod chip is installed on the Wii DVD drive chip and not on the Nintendo Wii motherboard making it undetectable by the wii firmware.

For Wii Key2 mod chip compatibility, check for console versions and consult the product specifications list in the wiikey 2 mod chip’s website. Our site provides bit torrent search engine for download of backup Wii iso torrent files like Zelda Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime and Mario Galaxy.

The Wii Key was announced at the beginning of February 2007 and shipped at the end of the month.

To open up the console, the following tools are required: The Wiikey team had released some Wii Key firmware updates.

It causes the DVD identification sensor to read a backup or copy CD as an original and send a message to the motherboard to run the CD as such.

The Wii Key mod chip directly boots Wii backups (iso files burned to a DVD-R), Game Console backups, and homebrew.

According to the manufacturer, "Cloned Wiikeys will not accept the official software updates".

In contrast to that, there are little to no complains about clones not working.

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It is one of many modchips available for the Wii by Nintendo and acts as a firmware replacement funneled through the debug serial port - tricking the DVD drive into believing that the backup is in fact legit, much like current Xbox 360 chips do.

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