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Laura says what Blaire has done will live online forever and wishes she could forgive her.Laura signs off Skype as Blaire is left alone consumed in guilt and fear.Blaire tells Jess that she is going to get help and goes looking for help on Chatroulette.

Mitch immediately grabs a knife and stabs himself in the eye.

Laura then uploads a different version of the video, showing Laura sleeping drunk on the ground which caused her to commit suicide, revealing that Blaire is the one who recorded it.

Her friends subsequently turn against her by posting angry and disgusted comments.

Val is suddenly brought back into the chat, in a laundry room next to an open bottle of bleach, sitting so still the group initially believes the video is frozen but then is shown falling to the floor.

The five classmates soon learn that Val is dead, presumably from drinking the bleach, and that the police have ruled it as a suicide through the police codes they overhear through Skype.

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